Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 400

And the every 100 days post!  I'll be the first to admit these last 100 days really haven't been my best.  I only completed 2 goals... goal 76, I created a discount deal with another vendor, and goal 13, I went to yoga for 8 straight weeks.  My only excuse is that one of my goals took 8 straight weeks.  These last 100 days were further complicated by the fact that 2 of my goals that had to do with other people will never happen... I'm still deciding whether I'm just failing myself on these goals or I'm changing them.  I'm leaning towards failure due to the fact that the goal flat out said what I wanted... I mean, I wanted to help my BFF plan her wedding, she's not getting married anymore.  I wanted to get all four parents over for dinner at once... awkwardsauce.  But I don't know.

I'm looking towards the future now... John and I moved up our house buying schedule, so we might hit 5 digits in our savings in the next 100 days (goal 27).  I don't think the house will happen in the next one.  I'm visiting Carlin at school (goal 16) and I think one of my events is going to be an inter-chapter event (goal 81).  Goals are getting serious now... most of the easy ones are gone.

400 days down, 601 days to go.

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