Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 424

So I've been really out of touch.  Sorry :(

Not too much is up right now as far as goals go.  We almost, ALMOST got a goal a week back... Amilyne came over and when we opened the door the dogs didn't make a peep.  Silence!  Then they ran over and started barking.  Sigh.  That and Amilyne barely counts as a stranger... I mean, she doesn't live here but the dogs know her pretty well.

I've been obsessing over nail polish lately... I bought 2 colors the other day and that brought my polish count to 20.  I'm actually pretty pumped about that, and I really don't have much space left in my medicine cabinet... maybe I'll have a bigger storage space for them once we get a house :)

Speaking of houses, John and I have started looking.  We went on our first tour last week.  The first house was clearly just a dry run our realtor wanted to take us through.  We'd mentioned liking the neighborhood, so she got us into an unoccupied home (for sale, not like we broke into it or anything).  It clearly wasn't one that we would intend to buy if for no other reason than the fact that we don't want a home with any less than 3 bedrooms, and this one had 2.  The house had a ton of potential: gorgeous cathedral ceilings, flawless hardwood floors on the first level, the cute, centrally located fireplace, the bay windows.  But then there was the fact that all the windows needed replacing, the carpet was vile, and the applicances appeared to be older than me.  If you're looking to invest in flipping a house though, I'd love to put you in contact with our relator lol.

The second house was in the same neighborhood.  Nice big yard (for a townhouse), gorgeous windows, tons of closet space.  But it was soooooo cramped.  Soooooooo cramped. And it seemed a bit dark.  The most disappointing thing for us was the aforementioned window.  There was one on the landing that was huge, had a lovely shape, looked like it would let in a ton of light... but it was completely blocked off.  The owners were using it as display space, so they'd put up curtains inside the window (it was kind of a bay window).  We really wanted to envision what it would look like if we were there, and we couldn't.

So both of these were nos, but I'm pretty excited to continue looking.  We're hoping to buy in March, keep your fingers crossed for us!

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