Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 500

Here we are, the every hundreth day post!  Can you believe I'm halfway done with 1001 days?  Wow.  Ok, since day 400:

I visited Carlin in college (goal 16), Trevor and Darcy let a stranger into the house, sans barking (goal 65), I got an advisor position with ZTA (goal 80), we saved 5 digits in our savings account (goal 27) which also equated to 3 months bills (goal 33).

So five goals down in the last hundred days, not too bad!  Not too great, either, but still.

In the next hundred days, I hope to buy a house (goal 40) which will hopefully lead to some cleaning goals... like keeping the apartment clean for a month (yeah, right) or getting through our boxes of paper (goal 43).  The rest I'll take as they come!

500 days down, 501 to go!

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