Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 248

Finally, I can reveal the News That Isn't Mine!!

Drumroll please...

John's accepted a job offer, and he starts 5/16!!!  We're so excited!!  He's getting a 17% raise, infinitely better benefits, and still has a decent commute!

Why it took so long to post this: He received 3 job offers.  When I originally referenced the really great news, he'd just gotten offer 1.  The next day he got laid off, effective immediately.  Then he had another interview that evening, and one on Tuesday.  He got the other two offers 2 days ago, and then finally decided where he was going.

We're incredibly excited about this.  To tie it into goals, he now has a 100% 401K match up to 6%, which he plans to utilize immediately.  I'm holding to my original complete date on that, haha.

So hooray for new adventures and opportunities :)

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