Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 239

POST 100!!!!!!!!!  Thank you everyone who reads my blog for reading, thereby encouraging me to not lazily give up on my goals :-)

So my bride interview is tomorrow.  I'm so pumped, I really think I'll do well.

And Lent was a big fail.  My apartment is a mess and I still rubbed at my eyebrows... but I avoided plucking them, and they actually look better than they have in quite some time.  So I guess that's something.

Easter was spent at my parents' house, almost the entire day.  Normally we do pancakes with my parents and then dinner at my grandmother's house, but since she had surgery recently, that was out.  Both Easter breakfast and dinner were at my parents' place, and we went to Mass in between.  As all Catholics know, Christmas Vigil is one thing, Easter Vigil is a whole other beast.  I avoid that Mass at almost all costs... it's soooo long.  We always try to go Easter Day.  St. Bernadette's at 1:00 was surprisingly un-packed... we were able to find both parking and seats only 15 minutes before Mass (which is kind of a huge deal).

I also got reallyreallyreally great news today... I can't share it yet (it's not my news) but I think I can share it Friday, so stay tuned for the results of my bride meeting and the secret great news!

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