Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 218

I was super excited to see this post on Style Me Pretty because I'll be doing a sister's wedding at that same venue in November!  So pumped!

Seeing it made me feel pretty good about myself, since I'm working at that venue lol.

In other news, I'm looking at places to go for my 25th birthday.  John and I will probably do a long weekend the weekend before my birthday, since my birthday is a Wednesday, which is just an inconvenient day for anything.  I've seen a few places I've liked in NY, and a handful of VA B&Bs, but nothing has stuck.  I was thinking FL for a bit, but then I saw how expensive travel was, so that's out.  IDK.

I'm also waiting with bated breath to hear back from the people in charge of my contract at work to figure out what is going on with Monday.  As you probably already know, chances are rather high that the government will shut down when funding runs out on Friday.  As you might also already know, I'm a contractor who works on a government site.  So here's where things get confusing: if Congress doesn't agree on a budget, all non-essential government employees can't come into work until it's worked out.  But I am not a government employee.  Our contract is already funded.  So... do they want us to just come in and work with the essential personnel?  If not, can we take vacation time for this?  Or is it just leave without pay?  How do we know when to come back, since remotely accessing our work email is a fireable offense? (Yes, seriously).

I look forward to these answers.

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