Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 222

A wonderful weekend capped off with a completed goal!

32. Turn a profit on our Roth
32. Turn a profit on our Roth

I realized I wrote this wrong in my original list, we have 2 Roth IRAs.  But the quarterly statement came in today, and his has a profit of $6.39 and mine has a profit of $3.86!  Small profits, yes, but profits nonetheless.

As I said, this capped off a great weekend.  For starters, the government didn't shut down (woohoo!).  On Saturday, John and I took a little wine tour, hitting Fox Meadows, Chateau O'Brien and Miracle Valley.  I love the Fox Meadow wine tasting (they pair it with food, it's incredible).  Chateau O'Brien has the most gorgeous tasting room I've ever seen, and Miracle Valley's wine is delicious and the place just has such a friendly, home-y feel to it.  It was a good day.  We then went out to dinner at Ozzie's.  Chicken Marsala, yum.

Today we took the pups out to the dog park.  They dealt with their car harnesses for the first time... Darcy was ok with it, Trevor twisted himself with the seatbelt, poor baby.  It was better on the way back when we switched him to the other seat.  Anyway, they had a good run in both the large and small dog parks, and everything was great except the furry black and yellow spider that showed up on my shoulder TWICE!!  Augh!

The pups had a bath when we got home, and now it's just time to quietly wind down our weekend!  Oooh and we just discovered the $150 worth of dog medicine we almost gave up for lost!

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