Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 213

I’m starting April out strong, by crossing off a goal… and so, so so excited about which one!

20. Make a baby!
20. Make a baby!
I’m pregnant!  We just found out... I'm 5 weeks along, due in December!  We’re so excited about this new addition.  John is going to be such a great dad... I’m already dreaming about names, and furniture, and a new home… so pumped.

On a much, much more mundane note, I should probably mention that I finished another goal:

28. Max out our 401K contributions
28. Max out our 401K contributions
As today is the start of the second quarter at work, I’m now contributing the highest amount my company will match to my 401K (they’ll match 50% of your contributions up to 6%, in case you were wondering).  John’s been contributing the highest amount his company matches… which is zero.  No comment.

Oh and one more thing…


Seriously though, I’m not pregnant, but everything about my 401K is true.  If/when I announce a pregnancy on this blog, it won’t be on April Fool’s Day.

Did I have you going, though? ;-)

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