Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 272

Ok.  I don't have any new goals to cross off, but I've at least had an interesting 2 weeks filled with progress :)

-Went to a wedding last Friday (5/20) like a normal person!  The bride and groom were a family friends who attended John's and my wedding, so it was really fun to go to a wedding with my whole family.  The venue was great... I sort of knew the people from professional circles (they remembered me!) and so I was really glad to go to an event at their location.  It was so pretty, overlooking the Occoquan!  And BTW if anyone's planning a wedding... they did just beer and wine at the bar and I didn't even notice until I thought about it later.

-I worked a wedding on Friday (5/27).  It went really well.  It was very sweet and emotional, beautiful wedding, beautiful couple.  The really cool thing for me about this wedding was finding out that the father of the bride used to be a professor at CNU, way back when it was still Christopher Newport College.

-Since John started his new job, we've been discussing our savings.  We're drastically upping what we're putting away each paycheck, so that we're in a better position to start trying to have a baby next summer and to buy a house next fall.  We also divide our money up so that we each have a small checking account, and I've been putting half of my personal money each check into savings so we can go back to Jamaica next summer (Puerto Rico's  probably out, sorry goal 88) and John's decided to match my contributions so we can have an amazingly awesome return trip to Couples Negril!

-We've booked a B&B trip for my 25th birthday... that's one goal we'll cross off in June :)

-I saw Bridesmaids last night with John and my MIL.  It was hilarious, definitely see it!

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