Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 304

Happy birthday, Infinite Joy Weddings!  One year ago today, Rachel and Ian married in an outdoor ceremony at the Atrium at Meadowlark.  Theirs was my first wedding as a coordinator.  I’ve always been really grateful to them.  As a bride, I found that it was one thing to work with a *relatively* new vendor.  The great thing about those vendors was that while they had some experience, their portfolios were a little thin, so I could get a great deal early on.  It was another thing entirely to even consider working with someone who had no experience at all, especially if this was someone who would be in the thick of things on your wedding day.  But even though I had no real day of coordination experience of which to speak, they gave me a chance and I’ve been able to get things moving because of it.

Since that day, I’ve done 4 weddings on my own, 12 if you include the ones Kristi so graciously let me help her with.  I’m incredibly grateful to her as well, because let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to hire someone who has a wedding planning internship under her belt and a few solo weddings than someone who has only done this 3-4 times.  Working with her has both taught me a lot about being a coordinator and boosted my confidence so that I can make a strong case to the client as to why they should hire me.

I now have 4 weddings pending, and I’m confident that this coming year will be even better for Infinite Joy Weddings that the last one. So happy birthday Infinite Joy Weddings… here’s to many, many more years!

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