Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 366

I'm sitting here trying to distract myself from the last seconds of the Redskins game (YES WE JUST WON HAIL VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!) ok now I'm trying to calm myself down lol.  I got my yoga DVD in yesterday and did my first routine today.

I bought Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  It's got 7 routines and the yoga matrix, which lets you mix and match routines/exercises.  I did the lunar warm up (more relaxation based), the core workout and the Savasana (rest pose).  Let me tell you, even though it was only 7 minutes on the core, it was an intense 7 minutes!  I'm feeling it!  The narrating is a touch cheesy, but that might be because I was listening to it in my living room instead of in a quiet/dim yoga studio.

So I really like this DVD and it will definitely become a part of my regular routine :)

By the way, just sending this out in case anyone is interested... if you buy online, Victoria's Secret has a 7 for $25.50 deal on select Pink panties... comes to $3.64/pair!  Just thought I'd share :)

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