Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 389

Trumpets sounded, angels sang, and heralds announced the grand news: after a long drought, I completed another goal!

13. Go to yoga for 8 straight weeks
13. Go to yoga for 8 straight weeks

Today I finished my goal by doing the Solar Meditation, Forward Bends, Core and Savasana.  I've learned a few things in the last 8 weeks: all yoga is not created equal, yoga is better when you have enough room to move freely, yoga instructors are killer on your abs.

I probably won't be doing a lot more yoga until we're in a house for the aforementioned space reason.  Our TV is in our living room, and we have to re-arrange furniture to work out.  Even when we shift things, this room is not conducive to floor exercises.  I'm looking forward to having a room where I can move around in front of the TV.

I'm also very sad to announce that my Kindle, the hero of Goal 2, has broken.  The screen is totally messed up.  The somewhat fortunate news is that since this happened within a year of purchase, it will be replaced, but I'm still pretty sad about it.

In other news... Hail to the Redskins :)

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