Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 139

I kept on putting off today's post, and I'm glad I did... it was a very effective day for my goals!

2. Read 10 books in 3 months
2. Read 10 books in 3 months

I'm starting to think the only free contemporary fiction available on Amazon is Christian fiction.  I read 2 suspense novels, both Christian.  The first one wasn't so bad.  Against All Odds was about an FBI agent's relationship with his charge, the threatened daughter of a US diplomat.  Pretty well written suspense with some proselytizing (that was the word I was trying to find in my last post!) but not over the top.

I cannot, however, say the same thing about Danger in the Shadows.  This was the first book that really made this goal feel like a challenge.  The proselytizing was over the top (like, Sara was ashamed of her fear, wasn't her faith enough?  Um, Sara's being stalked by someone who once kidnapped her and murdered her twin.)

I can't stand the characters.  Sara is passive-aggressive, and Adam hides his stalkerish tendancies behind a "Man of God" exterior. I really hate how when Sara makes a decision he doesn't like (i.e. tells him no) he goes to her brother to have him change her mind.  His quote "You tell her if she doesn't agree to see me, she is intentionally choosing to put her entire security detail in harm's way" says a lot about him.  Ugh. 

This one is entirely unrealistic.  Adam doesn't understand why a photo of them kissing, taken by a stranger, was so bad?  Seriously?  A Super Bowl winning quarterback should understand papparazzi at the least.  And Sara and Kim's kidnapping, done in a public park where the kidnappers had to shove people over in order to get to them?  Not at all clandestine?  Yeah, right.  It was also a poorly written suspense... all scenes that could have actually been suspenseful only lasted a page and a half.

I finished the goal with Persuasion.  After reading Danger in the Shadows I knew I couldn't trust free contemporary books anymore, and I went back to Austen.  I had trouble getting engaged with this book, but the ending was very sweet.

This goal actually made me a little sad, and here's why: when I wrote that goal, I thought 3 months might be a little long, but that I'd probably need like, 2.5 months.  I did this in less than 2 weeks.  Granted, part of it was having books at my fingertips whenever I wanted them, but I've done so little reading for pleasure over the past few years that I'd forgotten how fast I read and how much I enjoyed reading.  I hope I don't forget again.

On a second note...

101. Receive chiropractic treatment that creates a noticeable and lasting effect on my well-being.
101. Receive chiropractic treatment that creates a noticeable and lasting effect on my well-being.

As you may recall, I changed this goal back in September from get 3 massages in a month because I'd figured out that this was the best way to fix my back.  Today I was told that I'm moving down to one appointment a week!  3 appointments a week was fixing the problem, 2 a week was rebuilding, and now I'm in maintenance!  Yay!

I also went to Goodwill and dropped off a bunch of shirts/blouses, a skirt, 2 dresses, and 3 pairs of shoes.  This clears my 2010 obligation!

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