Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 142

Not specifically goal related, but still big news: on Tuesday, I applied for and received my home occupation permit and my temporary business license!  After I file my trade name application, Infinite Joy Weddings will be an official, legal business!  So excited!  As such, I've started working on putting together a website.  I'm thinking I might host it on, does anyone have other suggestions?

I've also continued reading.  After hitting a few duds (as mentioned in my last post) I went back to what I'd enjoyed before, and hit pay dirt with The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes.  I'm now working on Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and it's actually really, really funny.  Austen wrote it as a satire on the then-popular Gothic horrors, and you know a book will be good when it starts by stating that the main character's father wasn't at all addicted to locking his daughters in cellars.

Cleaning efforts are being resumed... sort of.  We took a bunch of clothes to the dry cleaner... which is good, because now I have my heavy winter coat again (just in time for another snow!).  We still need to take some more stuff though, and this will get expensive.  Sigh.

I'm working out, too.  I got lazy after I dropped my gym membership, but I've started going to the gym at our apartment complex (literally like, 100 yards from my building).  Kind of putting a personal goal of having my body at age 17 again.  This isn't really an easy goal, seeing as at 17 I had 12 years of dance under my belt and I was really toned.  Then I broke my right knee, had surgery, and muscle atrophy led to me having no muscle tone.  Yuck.  Oh well, the official goal is to have my flat abs back, which is a lot easier than a whole body goal, and I'm pretty determined to do it.

So readers... what all are you up to? :)

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