Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 146

So I'm making up for my bad morning (bad traffic and running out of gas, boooo) by blogging.  Yaaaay blogging.

Goal 73, help Nikki pick her major vendors took a good step forward yesterday when we went to the Washington Bridal Showcase at the Patriot Center.  Nikki already knows where the reception will be (she can't book it yet, but it's pretty much decided) and has a photographer and a baker.  This was to take a look around, bury ourselves in fun wedding stuff, and eat a lot of samples.  Success on all counts.

Our first trip around helped us discover who she will absolutely under no circumstances use.  She has a long engagement, and will be getting married in the fall of 2013.  I had a pretty long (over 2 years) engagement myself, so I get it.  One vendor looked at her and said "Wow, 2 years is a long engagement... a lot can happen in 2 years."  Um, your implication was pretty clear and REALLY offensive, dude.  Another one we ruled out pretty quickly was a videographer whose sample video had a really shaky camera.  It's not a good sign when that is what he's showing as his best work.

We did see some great vendors though... there was a nice jewelry place, a some great florists, a few great bakers (even though she's not in the market for one of those) and some really good caterers.  There was a harpist we liked, an awesome caterer who made AMAZING basil lemonade and is approved to work at Nikki's venue (it has a very limited list of caterers who can work there) and a pretty good set of DJs.

The BEST parts: 1.  one group of vendors, all located in the same area, had a 'bridal bingo' deal going on.  Basically, you got all of them to initial your card when you came by, and then you could spin this wheel to win free stuff.  Nikki got a $200 gift card to the aforementioned jewelry place for custom made wedding bands!  2. When you entered the showcase, you got numbers that you could give to vendors for raffles.  Nikki won 5 free hours of day of coordination!  Woohoo!  We actually had a really good feeling about those coordinators prior to winning, so it was incredibly exciting.  3.  She also locked in $40 off 2011 prices for the tuxes from Mens Wearhouse!

For me, I was pretty excited to find that one of the vendors I met at the last bridal showcase I went to remembered me.  Yaaay business contacts :)

So although there was no booking yesterday, there were a lot of selections/points in the right direction, and this will be very helpful come September when she can start booking!

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