Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 150

Today I'm feeling rather grateful.  As most of you know a major storm hit the DC metro area on Wednesday.  My boss sent me home at 3, and it took almost an hour and a half for me to get home because of how fast the snow was falling.  I realized once I actually got home that my commute was one of the shorter ones... I knew a lot of people who had 4-6 hour drives.  I even heard of someone who had a 9 hour drive from Rockville, MD to Arlington, VA... and that's 22 miles.  It's shorter than my commute home.  Yikes.

We had 2 power surges Wednesday and 2 more Thursday, but we never lost power.  I stayed home from work on Thursday because I didn't think I could make the drive in (the tread on my tires is low, which made that commute all the scarier).  So my dogs got warm cuddles all day, and everyone was happy. 

John, fortunately, has great tires and a very short commute, all on back roads, so his drive home Wednesday took 40 minutes (he works less than 3 miles from home).  He was able to get in safely on Thursday.

So today I'm grateful for my steady little car that got me home, my boss who let me out early, and my nice warm apartment.  I'm also grateful to be back at work today.

Anyway, onto goals... half way through my 2nd hundred days and I'm doing great... 11 goals down since day 100!  Here's hoping for a very prosperous next 50 days :)

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