Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 91

So a follow-up from yesterday's 401K stuff.  I sent my paperwork to HR, but since it's not open enrollment, they destroyed it :(  Why would you send enrollment forms when it wasn't time for open enrollment?  Makes no sense.

And it turns out John's company doesn't match 401K contributions.  I'll keep my thoughts to myself.

So what this means for us is that come open enrollment, I'll re-submit my paperwork (*rolls eyes a little*) and I'll be putting 6% of my income into my 401K.  As of March 15 (my 1 year point with my company) they'll add 3%, since my company matches $.50 for every $1 up to 6% after a year.  John won't be utilizing his 401K.

We saw a financial planner a few months back who told us that the best idea as far as saving for retirement (at least for us right now) was to only put as much in your 401K as your company would match.  It's free money.  The rest of your retirement savings should be put into an after-tax IRA, since you don't have to pay taxes on anything you withdraw from those (I think that included the interest, but I could be wrong).  So basically we'll just push more money into John's Roth, and use my Roth and 401K.

This whole post made me feel ridiculously grown-up.

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