Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 64

So in Day 62 I said I might be visiting my sister for a JMU game, which would also successfully cross off goal 16 (visit Carlin at college).  Well, that's a no go, but for a really good reason... I booked a wedding!  This wedding is huge for me, for 3 reasons:

1. I told John back in July that it would be a really big deal for me the first time I did a wedding where I didn't know anyone.  Where I was just hired.  Why?  Because in my own neurotic way, it assures me that I'm actually good at this, it's not just that my friends are humoring me.  This isn't to say that I don't want to do friends' weddings... I love doing those, but it's also nice to be hired just because, you know?  And that's exactly what happened here.  I was checking in at my chiropractor appointment like, 2 weeks ago, and the receptionist, who knows I'm a wedding coordinator, introduced me to the client who was leaving, who just happened to be getting married in a few weeks.  I gave her my card, and she just emailed me last night to say she wanted to hire me!

2. At the Oct. 16 wedding I did with Kristi (fondly remembered as the fire wedding) she told me that she might have a wedding Nov. 6.  I was thinking at the time how cool it would be to be at a point where even if I wasn't booked for a weekend, it was more of a 'yet' thing than a definite open weekend.  So booking my first really-really close wedding is exciting.

3. I'm getting paid for this one, woohoo!!

But now that I think about it, this does have to do with a goal... once I have a signed contract on this one, it will be wedding 1.  Once I send contracts to my 2011 brides, it will be 2&3.  So I'm seriously almost halfway to booking 7 in a year!  And this will be number 10 this year, I feel so accomplished!

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