Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 46

This doesn't really pertain to my list, but it was so stunning that I had to blog about it.  I stomped out a fire at a wedding today.  In my flip-flops.

The reception was about to start, and almost everything was set up.  The venue turned the AC fans on, which blew a table number into a lit candle.  By the time a catering staff member pointed it out to me, it was already past  the point where it could be blown out.  I had to stomp the thing out in my flip-flops.  Wow.

Luckily the bride does not yet know, I don't think any guests saw, nothing was damaged (save the table number!), clean up was quick, and no one was hurt.

So if you want a wedding coordinator who has and will go so far as to stamp out a fire at your wedding while wearing flip-flops, I'm your girl.

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