Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 38

I know I've been really quiet here for the last week and that's because... I'm lazy. :(  I've been going to chiropractor appointments (3/week) and doing weddings and my 101 just hasn't made any real progress.

I've been working on shaking hands with Trevor.  I chose to put that one on there because Trevor is VERY touchy about his paws.  I mean, he'll let me do pretty much whatever, check his ears, move him while he's sleeping, grab things out of his mouth... but he hates it when I touch his paws.  So far he'll lift his paw, but still gets antsy when I actually take the paw.  I'll be happy when he lets me hold his paw... and when he can do a cute trick :)

We've also been working on figuring out kennels for our trip to Mexico in December.  We've narrowed it down to two, and we'll be checking them out soon.

So hopefully I can get my busy life out of the way in a few days so I can start accomplishing items on the list :)

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