Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 45

Yesterday was a great day to work on goal 8 (compliment 10 strangers).  Why?  Because it was the inter-chapter celebration of ZTA's 112th Founders' Day!  Yay Zeta <3  And Happy Founders' Day to all my sisters :-)

Anyway, due to the fact that there were multiple chapters in attendance I saw a lot of strangers (strangers just seems so inappropriate here, so let's say Zetas I didn't know), and found 2 opportunities to compliment my sisters on their awesome turquoise attire.  One had the most enviable turquoise cardigan, the other was wearing a turquoise and gray argyle sweater... I was a little jealous.  So that's 2 more "people I didn't know before" complimented.

It was also a really good opportunity to work on actually getting to know my sisters (Goal 83).  I kind of regret not working harder to be closer to my sisters in college, and I'm trying to rectify that in my alumnae chapter.  Being social chair doesn't hurt my cause, and neither does being a wedding planner around engaged friends :-)

And if you haven't done this yet... go to facebook (specifically right here) and "like" Infinite Joy Weddings!  I'm trying to get 100 fans by Sunday and I need your help... yes, yours!

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