Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 42

I'm having a few "close but not quite" moments this week.

{Goal 32} Turn a profit on our Roths.  I got our quarterly statements for both of our Roths and for my 401K.  All 3 had profit this quarter!  ($.80 on my Roth lol).  Unfortunately, my Roth is $14 in the red, John's is $13, and my 401K is $43.  So I'll be crossing my fingers for better gains this period, and maybe I'll be reporting good news on that front in January.

{Goal 70} Book 7 weddings in a year.  I'm doing my 7th wedding this coming weekend... but I didn't book 5/7 of the weddings I've done this year.  On a positive note though, I've booked 2 weddings for 2011, so if you have engaged friends in the DC Metro area, or even in the Hampton Roads area, pass my name their way!

{Goal 81} Completely organize an inter-chapter event.  Founders Day is this week, and I'm helping out with that.  Key word helping... this isn't my event so it doesn't count.  Sigh.

But hey... progress is progress, right?

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