Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 187

John and I had a date night last night!  It was really nice.  We had gift cards to Royal Theaters, and so we decided to see the King's Speech.  We had to drive like, 25 miles to see it though, since the one less than a mile from our apartment isn't showing it anymore (grrr).  So we got there and the 7:00 sold out just as we got to the ticket window... grr.

So we had dinner while we waited for the 9:50 showing.  Best crab ragoon I've ever had.  We were at the restaurant for like, 2.5 hours, then were able to get into the theater early enough to get great seats.

The movie was fantastic... I see why it got Best Picture.  I love British humor.

Now I just have to compose a date night in to fufill a goal :)

By the way, speaking of goals... Check out my ads!

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