Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 196

Five points today.

1. I got into a car accident on the way to work today.  Wonderful.  It appears that it's just little scratches though on both ends.  Blah.

2.  It's my 1 year anniversary with my company!  Hooray!

3. In honor of my 1 year, I submitted to maximize my 401K contributions.  This is made easier by my raise, which went into effect yesterday.

4.  I just bought a groupon for a Snapfish scrapbook.  We'll have another one scratched off soon!

5.  My TV appearance was yesterday!  I showed up at the WETA studio at 7:30, where they took us back for training.  We went through our script, and then went into the live TV studio at 8:10.  There were 2 hosts, who mostly just interacted with one another.  Even though there were 4 cameras I barely noticed them... the cameramen were pretty good about only putting the camera on you when you were taking a pledge and were too engrossed in that to notice.  I watched after on DVR, I didn't look weird or awkward, awesome!

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