Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 200

Here we go, the every-hundreth-day post!

The last hundred days were extremely productive.  I finished 16 goals!  Goal 2, I read 3 books in under 3 months.  Goal 8, I complimented 10 strangers.  Goal 15, I hosted a holiday.  Goal 21, I truly surprised John.  Goal 25, I held a $500 safety bubble in my bank account for 2 months.  Goal 26, I saved 4 digits in my savings account.  Goal 42, I kept fresh flowers in my home for a month.  Goal 46, I made a perfect pot roast.  Goal 51, I made a perfect Jack and Coke.  Goal 56, I mailed Christmas cards before Christmas.  Goal 57, I cleaned the kitchen without John saying anything.  Goal 62, Trevor learned how to shake hands.  Goal 64, Trevor and Darcy lay down quietly through dinner, no begging.  Goal 68, I launched  Goal 84, I went to Mexico.  Goal 101, my chiropractic treatment has fixed me!

I am incredibly pleased with how well this is going.  At day 200, I've completed 21 goals, which puts me exactly on target with where I wanted to be.  In fact, it puts me a little bit ahead.  I am so proud of Trevor's paw-shaking progress (he was so scared of having his paws touched before).  I'm incredibly pleased with my pot roast.  My savings have saved my butt lately, and they'll be really helpful as we save for a house and a baby.  And is looking really good.

I also think that I made really good progress from my stated goals on Day 100.  While I didn't keep my apartment clean for a month (working on it!) or invite my grandparents over to talk about their parents (goals 5, 19, 22 and 23) or start advertising Infinite Joy Weddings (goal 69) I did complete all the other goals I had listed and then some.

So looking forward to the next 100 days!  I'm going to get my scrapbook done (goal 7).  Since it's getting warmer, I'll give an afternoon to an animal rescue (goal 9).  I'm also planning to try the grandparents complete circuit (5, 19, 22, 23).  April will bring a maxing of my 401K (goal 28) and maybe a profit on our Roths (goal 32).  Maybe spring cleaning will be kind to us and allow for a cleaning of the closet, a cleaning of all the random papers, and a clean apartment for a month (39, 43, 38).  I plan to get to know 3 of my sisters (goal 83) and advertise Infinite Joy Weddings (goal 69).  I'll also either go to New York and visit Auntie and Uncle Henri or go to a VA B&B (goal 86 or 87) since my birthday is in the next 100 days.

I'm pretty pumped.  200 days down, 801 to go.

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