Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 100

Triple digits!  I think that on every hundredth (is that how you spell the word?) day, I'm going to look back at what I've done in the last hundred days, and look forward to the next hundred.

So my first 100 days.

I completed 5 goals in my first hundred days.  Goal 37, I finished furnishing the apartment.  Goal 58, Trevor and Darcy went on a walk and didn't bark at people.  Goal 59, Trevor and Darcy graduated from beginner obedience training and were recommended for intermediate.  Goal 63, Darcy didn't bark at a stranger.  Goal 74, I got 100 fans for Infinite Joy Weddings on facebook.  I also worked on my 'numbered' goals... Goal 8, I've complimented 5 strangers (out of 10) and Goal 70, I've booked 2 weddings (out of 7).

I'm actually pretty pleased with how it's going, even though I would be thrilled to have more goals crossed off.  I've been working on it, and that's a huge start for me.  The list has made it through 100 days without being abandoned, and it's something that I now think about on a semi-regular basis, especially before I take a leap.

I'm proud that I've made a good start on the 'dogs' area.  I love my dogs, and I really want people to get the right impression of them.  This has helped.  I'm also really glad that I put down the 100 fans goal... it's really pushed me to spread the word about my business, and I think it's working (as is evidenced by the 2 booked weddings).  I also LOVE that my apartment is done... it really makes me feel less transient.  Like the apartment is our home, not just a place we're living for now.  It's a good feeling.

So looking forward to the next hundred days.  Last night John and I offered to host Christmas for the Posey family, and if that offer is taken, goal 15 (host a holiday) is done.  I might even make the perfect pot roast for that, haha (goal 46).  We're leaving for Cancun in less than 48 hours (eeeek!!!!) so good-bye goal 84!  And believe it or not, we might actually make goal 38... our apartment has been clean for 4 days.  That's kind of huge for us, and knowing that we'll be having people over (plus the fact that we'll be out of town!) adds a lot of incentive to keep the place clean.  I'll probably take the Christmas opportunity to get the Posey side filled in on our family tree, and then bring my grandparents over later to talk about their sides (goals 5, 19, 22, 23).

I think we might get Trevor to shake hands soon, too (goal 62).  He'll lift his paw when he's given the 'shake' command but he's still iffy about letting you take his paw.  I think he's worried people are trying to trick him into having his nails clipped.  That's Trevor's least favorite thing.  I know we'll hit 4 digits in savings (goal 26).  I'm also going to try to launch a website and start advertising for Infinite Joy Weddings on Craigs List (goals 68, 69).  I have a re-evaluation on my back today, and I'll get the results next week... if Dr. Nick bumps me down to one visit per week, I'm declaring goal 101 completed.

The next hundred days look ambitious.  I'm up to it.

100 down, 901 to go.

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