Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 112

Well, holy crap.  I was wrong.  I did it.

56. Mail Christmas cards before Christmas

56. Mail Christmas cards before Christmas

30 Christmas cards went into the mail today, plus the two we hand delivered.  Now, I'm aware that many of my cards won't make it to their destinations by Christmas, but that wasn't the goal, now was it? :)  This actually is an improvement over last year, when I think the Christmas cards went out in January.  I'll strive to do better next year (i.e. Mail Christmas cards so they arrive before Christmas) but I accomplished another goal!  We made a list of the people that we needed to send cards to, and got addresses of everyone on that list.  We also had a list of people who we'd like to send cards to, but not everyone on that list gave me their address.  Oh well.  All the necessary ones are out prior to Christmas :)

I also shipped out our travel insurance claim.  That thing was 40 pages long!  Ok, to be fair, I think closer to 20 pages were actually relevant.  I printed a lot of emails (booking confirmations) and a few press releases from Mexicana, and the pages were numbered.  In a bunch of cases, only a few of the pages were relevant, but I was really worried about only including like, page 3 of 4, even though pages 1-2 were ads that didn't format right and page 4 was a privacy notice.  I'd rather send irrelevant pages than have the person looking at my claim go "Page 3 of 4.  What happened to pages 1, 2 and 4?  Is she hiding something?"  So I think my work there is done... we'll see.

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