Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 97

My husband is awesome.  Just sayin'.

I organized a Zeta event on Sunday (more on that in a bit) and he cleaned our apartment while I was gone!  We still need to work on the bathroom and the bedroom, but it looks so good in the main rooms.  I'm thrilled.  Pictures soon, especially because we're planning on taking our Christmas picture in front of our tree any day now!

As for the Zeta event, I'm kind of disappointed about how it turned out.  I really (really, really) wanted to do a holiday tea, fought for the event/date, our VP of programming sent out the evite about 2 weeks in advance, and as of Friday I had 5 yeses.  Small, but manageable.  Cool.  I'd reserved a table for 6 at the Ritz, so it was fine.  Late Saturday night one person changed their RSVP to a no.  Ok, life happens.  Then 2 more just didn't show up.  So it was just me and one other person :(  I was pretty disappointed.  Granted, I had a great time with that sister, the tea/food was delicious, and they moved us to this cute little table with big cushy seats next to the fire place, so it worked out, but I was still disappointed about the turn out.  Anyway, Heather, if you're reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out :)

That did, however, lead to me being convinced that hosting a tea party in my home (goal 50) would be completely amazing.

Six days til vacation!

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