Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 300

Every hundreth-day post, back again!

I fell a touch behind, but I still finished 8 goals in the last hundred days.

Goal 7, I made a scrapbook.  Goal 39, I completely cleaned the walk-in closet.  Goal 28, we maxed out our 401K contributions.  Goal 83, I really got to know 3 of my sisters.  Goal 32, we turned profits on both of our Roth IRAs.  Goal 94, I sang at a crowed karaoke bar.  Goal 87, I stayed at a VA B&B.  Goal 4, I visited 3 wineries that weren't in the Northern VA or Shenandoah regions.

This puts me at 29 goals finished so far!  Not too shabby.  I've also made more progress on the wedding front... I booked 2 weddings in the last hundred days.

For the next hundred days, I'm hoping to keep the apartment clean (goal 38 and yeah, yeah you've heard that one before).  I might be going to the mountains with Pappy (goal 3, and we've actually discussed it a little).  I'll try to make it to volunteer for an animal rescue (goal 9) and work on the crate with T&D (goal 67).  As for the rest... we'll see.  I'm still feeling really good about this, though I'm starting to see a few goals that aren't as important to me know as they were almost a year ago.  Ah, well.

300 days down, 701 to go.

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