Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 349

So today was supposed to start week 3 of yoga, but that's delayed until tomorrow for multiple reasons.  All health related.

Over the weekend we went to visit Newport News.  While walking down the stairs, my heel caught on a mat and I fell.  I got a bit of road rash on my knee (already gone), a nasty little scrap on my foot, and a big bang on my shin that turned purple IMMEDIATELY.  I haven't looked at it since (covered it with an H bandage) and I have not desire to.  I also pulled a few muscles, so I'm giving myself some time to recover.

But truth be told, I probably would have gone, just to see if the heat would help, if it weren't for John's health issue today.  He'd been feeling a little off in his abdomen, and went to the urgent care center today.  They then sent him off to the hospital, where he spent the whole afternoon.  I'm glad to say he neither has appendicitis or a kidney infection, but they aren't sure what he does have.  Just wonderful.

Aside from this, things are good... the NN trip was great, we saw all the people we wanted to see, and got to eat at the recently reopened Plaza Azteca.  Yum.

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