Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 363

Today began week 5 of yoga.  Well, sort of.  I started the first pose in class today and kind of got this little wave of nausea.  I had sit down... then lie down.  I'm normally an hour to 70 minutes into the class (90 minutes long) before I need to lie down.  After I while I couldn't take it any more, and I had to cut out early.  It probably didn't help that the guy next to me smelled pretty bad.  Oh well, I'll go back tomorrow and see how it goes.

Speaking of tomorrow, it will probably be my last Bikram class.  My Living Social deal expires tomorrow.  I bought a Vinyasa yoga DVD on Amazon, and I think I'll be finishing out my 8 weeks on there.  I just want to make it clear to anyone reading this that Bikram Yoga Fairfax is awesome.  The instructors are great, the facility is really nice, the location is super convenient... this type of yoga just isn't for me.  Though seriously, if you want to try Bikram, I strongly recommend Bikram Yoga Fairfax.

On another workout note, John and I just bought a set of Zumba DVDs, and plan to work on that together!  I'm pretty pumped :)

Aaaand Victoria's Secret had a 20% off swimwear deal, so I bought 3 new bikinis for Jamaica 2012.  So pumped!

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