Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 23

Goal 59: It happened!  Trevor and Darcy have been deemed ready to move on to intermediate education!

59. Trevor and Darcy master beginner obedience training.

Well, as far as actual mastery is concerned technically it's just Trevor, but Darcy's greatly improved since we started.  Our trainer said that Trevor was completely done with beginner education, and we did not want to put him back into this class again.  If we wanted to keep them together, she recommended moving Darcy up with the understanding that she'd be a little behind the curve.  But it was still a recommendation to move on, ergo, mastery!  They also ran the agility course, and did really well!  I tried to upload videos, but it didn't work :(  If you're facebook friends with me, the videos are up there!

I am one proud doggie mama today.

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