Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day Nine

Or, as I like to call this post, why goal 38 is impossible.

Do you read Hyperbole and a Half?  If not, you should.  Because it's completely hilarious.  I frequently see posts there that make me go "OMG Allie is living inside my head."  Especially this one.  Now, I don't think John and I have had that oatmeal disaster, but the "HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN??" thing is my life.  I started on goal 57 on Saturday (Clean the kitchen without John mentioning anything).  After noticing that I was cleaning, John offered to do the dishes*, which was really kind of him, so I let him.  I scrubbed surfaces, put stuff away, organized... basically I lived the "maniacal cleaning" phase.

Before everything was finished, I wanted some water.  And John and I drank some wine and had dinner.  And oh hey look at that... dishes.  But it was late, and we spent all day cleaning, and we were tired so... they got left to soak.  The downhill cycle begins.  Goal 57 was never officially finished.

John went on another cleaning binge last night, so our apartment is starting to actually look pretty good.  But we operate exactly like Allie and boyfriend... we decide to clean, the place looks great, then we get a little lazy, and the next thing we know, our place is a disaster zone again.

Keeping the apartment clean for an entire month was actually the only goal that John just looked at me and said "Are you serious??" when he saw it.  Yeah, we're that bad.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe we'll actually finish cleaning this weekend, then I'll be able to post pictures and keep myself accountable.


*Quick note on this goal: When I say clean the kitchen without John mentioning anything, I mean starting the cleaning of my own initiative, not cleaning without him noticing/offering to help.

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