Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Four

Nothing to cross off the list yet, but I feel like I'm making some progress with two areas: My wedding planning business and Trevor and Darcy mastering beginner obedience.

The wedding planning business took a big step forward on Wednesday when I got photos back from the weddings I did in July.  (Self plugging: Check out my business! Infinite Joy Weddings)  Now that I have these, I feel like I'm ready to start advertising and building my webpage.  I'll probably start that after my internship is done.

As for Trevor and Darcy, here are my babies: First Trevor, then Darcy.

Sweet little things, but full of mischief.  They're also miniature pinschers, which according to the trainer we're working with is one of the hardest breeds to train.  Trevor's been through beginner training once, and while we made a whole lot of progress with him (our poor boy literally didn't know how to sit) when we asked if we should move him to intermediate, we were told "You can either have him be ahead of the game in beginner or catching up in intermediate, it's entirely up to you."  So when we got Darcy, we decided to put them both in beginner.

I feel like we're really making progress with them.  We were at class Thursday night and talking about Darcy's aggression (that girl growls at everything... people, dogs, car batteries, logs...) and our trainer told us that while we'd taken on a lot with them, we were really making a lot of progress.  We'd invested a lot of time in them, and not everyone would have done that. 

Incidentally, this is why I find the compliment 10 strangers part of my list to be so important.  Being told that you look good/you're doing a good job goes such a long way.

Anyway, all that to say that I really think that Trevor and Darcy will be ready to move on to intermediate after graduation.  And just to be cute: Trevor graduating last time.

And that's John up there.  He just finished his 101 things, and we appear to be pretty on target with each other on our goals.  Hooray!

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