Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day One.

It's on.

I think the easiest way to start this is look at the ones I'm already working on, and start from there.

{25.  Maintain a $500 bubble for 2 months.}  Well, we were doing ok there until we found out the repairs on John's old car (long story) would cost more than we budgeted for.  John, being awesome, got them to come down $90 on the price, but it's still higher than we thought.  Sigh.  I guess we'll start that next paycheck, and I guess this is why we keep that bubble, right?

{37. Finish furnishing the apartment.}  We're actually only like, 5 items away from that.  We still need an outdoor rug (we have a seriously ugly patio, the apartment complex powerwashed it before we moved in and apologized to us about the fact that there was nothing else they could do), 2 sets of curtains for our big windows, a bookcase, and a ladder.  Yes, a ladder.  IKEA had a room model up on their website with a ladder on it, saying it was the perfect place to hang clothes that had been worn but weren't ready for the wash yet.  I fell in love with the idea.  The ladder is $50 at IKEA, the curtains are $20-$30 per set at IKEA,  the bookcase we like is $25 at IKEA (BTW I love that place) and the rug is $65 at Costco.

{70. Book 7 weddings in a year.}  I know this isn't at all what I had in mind when I wrote this, but last week I got an internship with the woman who did day of coordination for my wedding.  I'll be assisting with 6 weddings this fall, which makes 8 on the year.  So I don't count this as making my goal, since Kristi booked 6 out of the 8, but it gives me a leg up in the business... experience counts for a lot.

{78. Recommend a PNM that becomes a Zeta.}  I sent in a recommendation for my BFF last month.  Recruitment is right around the corner... keep your fingers crossed for her!

{84. Go to Mexico.}  John and I booked a trip to Cancun in February.  Now we just need to find flights, since our airline went under!

So those are the 5 that I'm actively working on.

As I was writing about furnishing the apartment, I started wondering how open/honest I should be about all this.  I mean, not as in lying about things, but I have some goals that are on the embarrassing/private side.  Should I post pictures of my embarrassingly messy apartment as incentive to keep my place nice, since number 38 talks about keeping my apartment clean?  Should I actually talk about how much I have in my savings accounts, since 26, 27, 33 AND 34 are about savings?  Those types of questions.  I'm leaning towards taking before/after pictures of my apartment so I can be proud of myself when it's clean (as opposed to embarrassed when it's messy) and just being vague when it comes to financial numbers.

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