Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Four: An Update!

63. Darcy doesn’t bark at a stranger.

63. Darcy doesn’t bark at a stranger.


In my last post I mentioned that Darcy growls at everything.  You might have thought I was exaggerating when I said she growls at logs and car batteries.  I wasn't.  Little girl is a creature of habit.  One time we were walking the nature trail around our apartment complex and some trees had been cut down and taken apart.  She barked at the logs.  Another time a neighbor had been working on his car, and left the battery out.  She barked at the battery.  The neighbor was gone, it was just the battery.  She growls and barks at everything she doesn't expect.  Not fun.

Back to now.  I was taking Trevor and Darcy on a long walk since John was cleaning the carpets.  We went down to a large koi pond about a block from our neighborhood.  By the time we got there, Darcy had already barked at one stranger.  Sigh.  We started rounding a corner, and I heard voices.  Then I saw them... a small family.  A couple and a baby.  Oh no.

I put both pups on a short leash, and told Darcy "no."  As we got closer, she started breathing harder and the fur on her back went up... uh oh.  I stroked the fur down and told her "no" again.  We walked past the family... not a peep!  Back to the long leash, praise like she cured cancer.

She then proceeded to not bark at a jogger with a stroller, and three people going to get their mail!  Good girl, Darcy!

Now to make this a habit.

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