Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 156

Another day, another goal... this one 2 months in the making!

25. Hold a $500 safety bubble for 2 months
25. Hold a $500 safety bubble for 2 months

I think about the start of this goal a little bit like pregnancy.  A weird analogy but here's my reasoning: a typical pregnancy is 40 weeks, but they don't start counting from the day of conception, they start counting about 2 weeks prior, when you got your last period (i.e. the last time you definitely weren't pregnant).  So the first two weeks count as part of your pregnancy retroactively.  That's where it ties in for me: I've tried/failed at this goal a few time prior to now, but I never start counting during the first 2 weeks (i.e. the first pay period).  It's only after I've maintained the bubble for 2 weeks and have another paycheck on top of it that I start counting, and I start when I got the earlier paycheck.

I know, it's weird, but it makes sense to me.  We've maintained $500 in our checking account since December 3, and I started counting it when we still had $500 on December 16 (the day before our next paycheck).  Admittedly we made this goal with the help of Christmas money, but the point is we made it.  I'm pretty pleased with us. 

To celebrate our completion, when CNU called last night asking for alumni donations, we gave the requested amount.  And let me tell you... it felt good.  Really good.  Being in a financial situation where we were able to just give money.  I get the feeling that there will be points where I'll look back at this post and growl at myself (giving money away, grrrrr) but it's ok.  John and I talked about where we wanted to give our money when we had money for charity, and actually being able to do just that was a great feeling.  Yay stability... I'm actually starting to feel like a grown-up.

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