Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 180

While I'm not loving this up-down-up-down temperature thing, I am loving random warm days on weekends.  John and I have been able to take Trevor and Darcy to the dog park for the last 2 weekends in a row! 

We have a favorite park.  Fairfax County has public dog parks, and we love taking them to the one in Chantilly.  It's pretty close to our place, it's huge, it's well maintained (well, last week was pretty bad, but it was the first warm day in months), and it has a small dog area.  Today went really, really well.  Normally we don't spend a lot of time in the small dog area because there aren't a lot of dogs in it.  On top of that, the dogs that are normally there are either A. Really tiny puppies or B. 5-10 lb. dogs.  While Trevor, at 21 lbs, and Darcy, at 15 lbs, both are able to go in there (the limit is 25 lbs) we prefer to take them into the general park.

Today, however, Darcy kept whining at the fence towards the small dogs, so we took her over, then brought Trevor over to join.  Darcy had the time of her life.  Normally she runs around a little at the park then hangs out around our ankles, alternately playing with and growling at the bigger dogs.  This time she was running around, playing, chasing, and having a great time.  She completely ignored the fact that we were petting and playing with other dogs, which is a pretty big deal for her.  And the best part was, once we came over with our dogs, there were 5 dogs in the small dog area, so all the incoming small dog owners brought their dogs in, too.  At one point there were 13 small dogs!

I'm hoping we have more weekends like this one... I love seeing my pups that happy, and when they're worn out they're soooo well behaved :)

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