Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 164

It's amazing what spending time with sisters can do for your mood.  Getting out of the apartment and seeing people made me feel like, a million times better.  I had an exec board meeting with the Zeta alumnae chapter last night, and had a really great time just talking and laughing with my sisters after the meeting.  I'm pretty excited for car-pooling and hotel-sharing in Richmond for Zeta Day (BTW Zeta sisters who read this blog... will I see you there?).

I'm donating a free day-of coordination package for a silent auction for a sister's charity work.  I'm hoping it will yield some portfolio fodder, and maybe even generate some interest in my company.  Fingers crossed.  If someone buys the package, it definitely counts towards the booked weddings goal, even though the money doesn't come to me :)

Speaking of weddings, I upgraded my package with Webs, bought my domain name, and hope to launch my website in the next week!  Stay tuned!

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