Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 168

So as I mentioned yesterday, I got infinitejoyweddings.com up and running!  And, as I mentioned earlier in the day, I wasn't sure this was going to happen.  Truthfully, it was all because of John.  And yes, this is now 3 posts in a row that talk about how awesome he is.  John went home at lunch (which he does every day, he has a short commute, lucky duck) and uploaded all the images I needed for my webpage, then edited them at work.  He figured out what the ongoing red x issue was all about (apparently our computer was taking 'maximum quality' to an extreme and nothing could load it).  Then he fixed it, uploaded the logo to proper proportions in the header, and put the pictures in my account photo album.  Then I was able to log in and arrange/size the pictures as desired.  I finished all this literally 2 minutes before I needed to leave work to go to my chiropractor appointment, and then announced the webpage on Facebook at 6:00.  Thank you, internet accessable phone!

The most exciting part about all of this is my new work email.  I always found company specific email addresses to look so much more professional, so you can imagine how thrilled I am that you can now email me at catherine@infinitejoyweddings.com! 

The Verizon guy finally showed up at like, 6:15 PM, and had our internet fixed around 7:15.  I will raise holy hell with Verizon if we get charged for phone and internet for the 5 days it was down.  Either way, I am really relieved that's over, and now I can move on to my next decision... do I want to start advertising first, or buy new business cards?  Decisions, decisions!

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